Welcome to the blog for the weekly meetings between teaching staff and student representatives in the School of Informatics.

Link:More information about student reps in Informatics

These meetings are held at 1:10pm on Wednesdays during semester in the Informatics Forum. Details of the meetings are emailed at the start of the semester and each week a reminder email is send.

The meetings have the following participants:

  • Class reps for each year: UG1–5 and MSc.
  • The three School reps for Informatics at EUSA.
  • Director and/or Deputy Director of Teaching.
  • Year Organisers for UG1-UG5, MSc
  • A representative from the Informatics Teaching Organisation (ITO).
  • Other staff members involved in teaching administration, as needed.

The aim of the meeting is to ensure timely exchange of information between Informatics staff and the class representatives. One particular objective is to highlight issues outside the more formal cycle of staff-student liaison committee meetings each semester, and the School Council meeting arranged by the EUSA school reps.

If you would like an issue raised at this meeting, please email the class reps for your year:

Links: EUSA information for class and School reps