Staff Student Rep Meeting – Wednesday 27th November 2019

In attendance: Neil Heatley Head of Student Services, Kendal Reid ITO

Apologies: Stuart Anderson Director of Teaching

Actions from last week:

Access to the Informatics Forum, Neil is still looking into this.  *Action Neil*

When will additional monitors to be made available on Level 9?  *Action Kendal*

The power sockets on Level 9 have now been fixed.

Drainage issues at the entrance to the basement, Neil will take this to the Building Committee Meeting next week.  *Action Neil*


Not much to report, there was some issues but the Reps took this directly to the lecturer.

Can the Reps advise the CL class that it is very important to attend tutorial 10, as the tutorial will be a take home paper, that is a mock exam and the solutions will be covered in the tutorial.


Nothing to report, the students are busy with coursework deadlines.

INF2C-CS there are not enough Demonstrators available in the drop in lab, Neil advised that the School is planning the year ahead to have more resources made available.

INF2C-SE the work load is too heavy for a 10 credit course.


The Reps had their SSLC meeting this week, that went well.


It was asked if the School has a Careers Advisors specifically for Informatics, we do and his name is Steve Norman and he is based in the Main Library Building.


Nothing to report.


Nothing to report.


The ITO will look for the Christmas decorations, to put on Level 6.  *Action Kendal*

It was asked if more events could be held, as the students feel there isn’t a lot of student interaction especially within the MSc year.

Neil suggested to make some suggestion of what kind of thing they would like to do potentially at the start of Semester 2 and the School could provide funding.  The Reps also feel more events held in AT would potentially raise attendance.


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Staff Student Rep Meeting – Wednesday 13th November 2019

In attendance: Stuart Anderson Director of Teaching, Neil Heatley Head of Informatics Student Services, Alison Downie Computing Support Officer, Kendal Reid ITO

Actions from last week:

Stuart is still to talk to the lecturer for INF2-IADS about cutting down the material in his lecture slides.  *Action Stuart to talk to the lecturer*

UG1 the issues with the flickering slides appears to be related to the refreshing times being so much faster on newer Macs than those on the Echo360 boxes. IS are aware of this and it is currently with their maintenance team, until a permanent fix has been put in place, the following workaround was suggested: connect via VGA (rather than HDMI).   This has now been tested and recordings are now displaying correctly for this class.

Stuart has still to talk to the IVR lecturer.  *Action Stuart*

Neil still needs to look into student access to the Informatics Forum.  *Action Neil*

Stuart spoke to the Information Services Group about location gathering and is still awaiting a response.

Stuart will bring the Good Practice Auto-marking issue to the Teaching Committee today.  *Action Stuart*


It was asked if INF1 will be running revision lectures, but it was suggested to ask the lecturer directly and if he isn’t keen, then maybe a tutor could do it, as the class it so large and only the Gordon Aikman lecture theatre can accommodate a class of this size, if the space is unavailable, it may be the case that two sessions will be required.  If the students do require any extra help, then they can attend the drop in labs and InfBase.


The students doing INF2C-SE still feel that this is not worth a 10 credit course, there are 3 coursework’s and the reading is too much, Stuart mentioned that this will be the last time this course runs, next year it be a new course and will be a 20 credit course.  *Action Stuart*

DMMR the students feel they really want the use of Tophat, although teaching has nearly finished, again this course will change to DMP next year with new staff and Tophat will be in use.

INF2C-CS coursework one has now been returned and the students are happy with the results and happy with the course.

INF2-IADS there has been an improvement in the slides with the second lecturer taking over, they are a lot clearer, more like slides rather than to notes.


IAML the coursework, the box that the students have to complete a question in, there isn’t enough space in it, and the coursework states that if there is too much in it, it won’t be marked, and also you have to complete 17 rows and there is only enough space for 8.

The issues with asking questions publicly on Piazza is still the same, the TA will answer privately asked questions on Piazza but the lecturers won’t answer the publicly asked ones.  *Action Stuart*


HCI  coursework one the submission deadline was 4 weeks ago and the coursework has still not been returned.  *Action Stuart*

It was reported that students on joint degrees where not receiving emails send to the ug4-students mailing list, they were only receiving emails sent to the course specific mailing list, this issue has now been resolved.

CG the coursework was released on Tuesday 12th November, and it was a day late but the lecturer is trying to set up a Poll to see if the coursework deadline should be moved.  *Action Stuart*


It was asked if mid semester feedback is available, this is only the case of students have actually gave any feedback!  Stuart will bring this to Teaching Committee, and ask about a better approach to md semester feedback.

IVC the coursework was released in week 7, 8th November and is due on the 22nd November, the Piazza page was also only set up this week and the information was not made available until very late into the course, there has been complaints been made.  *Action Stuart and Neil*


Computing Support reported that quota for UG4 students is agreed on the basis of teaching needs, 10GB is deemed more than adequate, should a student require more for e.g. for project work, then the process is not difficult. They can ask their supervisor to endorse the request and they can fill in the support form, depending on how much they require, it may be more appropriate to give them ‘group’ space – increasing their home directory is not always the best option, for example, if a student requires a further 100GB space, they would not add this to their home directory allocation.

It was also asked if students can stop un-plugging screens, keyboards and mice from the DICE machines. Computing Support do run regular checks on the labs – a report is produced daily but they do not have the resource available to visit labs daily to fix these issues if students do un-plug screens etc. then they should plug  them back in when they are finished.

Neil mentioned the email he sent round last week about Edinburgh Features Institute workshop next Wednesday and it would be good if some Reps could attend.

It was asked if Qais Pantankar being the UG School Rep if he could ask EUSA about the timing of the Rep elections, currently the PG Reps elections are held just before the MSc students start, which means Informatics currently do not have a PG Rep, and EUSA say that they don’t have enough resources to hold a By-election.  Neil has also been in touch with Sarah Moffat the Rep and Democracy Manager in EUSA.

The on-line calendars are reported to be wrong, but this is a timetabling issue as this year is the first year that timetabling are responsible for organising tutorials and lecturers, and as it is new it will take time to import all information from various systems like EUCLID etc.


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Staff Student Rep Meeting – Wednesday 6th November 2019

In attendance: Stuart Anderson Director of Teaching, Neil Heatley Head of Informatics Student Services, Kendal Reid ITO


The on-line slides that are recorded are flickering for the CL and FP lectures, these are recorded in the Gordon Aitken Building.  *Action Alex*

Response:  The issue appears related to refreshing times being so much faster on newer Macs than those on the Echo360 boxes. IS are aware of this and it is currently with their maintenance team. Until a permanent fix has been put in place, the following workaround was suggested: connect via VGA (rather than HDMI).   This has now been tested and recordings are now displaying correctly for this class.

INF1-FP the students feel that the tutorials would be best extended to an hour and a half,  the feel  they do not have enough time to cover the tutorial questions, Stuart suggested that asking the tutors to start with the more difficult questions and it was also suggested that they students could go to INFBase where there tutors there to help.


INF2C-SE the students feels there is too much reading involved outside of the lectures, and they don’t know what material will be examined.  *Action Stuart to talk to the lecturer*

Response: I have done this – ongoing.

INF2-IADS the first formative coursework was due this week and the reps feel that a lot of students did not do submit this, they felt  the timing of it wasn’t great, and the incentive to do to it wasn’t there due to other assessed coursework deadlines. *Action Stuart to talk to the lectures*


PI there now past paper solutions available so the students are happy with this.

IVR for next year it was suggested that tutorials would be beneficial and can past paper solutions be made available?  *Stuart to talk to the lecturer*

IAML coursework 2 has now been released and the lecturer will not answer any question asked on the Piazza page unless there is an error in the coursework, he will not respond to anything other than that!


CG coursework 1 was delayed in being released to the students, Neil spoke to the ITO and they were entered on the Wednesday 30th October and released on Monday 4th November (which falls within the target of 3 working days turn around for processing marks), the slight delay was due to the INF1-FP class test submission of 400+ submissions.  The students would also have liked to have had more detailed feedback, especially when receiving low marks and auto-marking is done.  Stuart will look into the good practice for auto-marking and bring it to the Teaching Committee.  *Stuart to bring back to the meeting*

Response: Will bring back in week 10.

Coursework 2 took far longer to complete than originally stated, a lot of students preferred to do coursework 3, but after the deadline for coursework 2 the marking guideline was changed and now the students who didn’t do it feel they could have got more marks than anticipated.  *Action Stuart to talk to the lectures*


It was asked about what the legal basis of location gathering used in Tophat, and where is the data kept?  Stuart explained that the attendance is taken more for flagging up any students that maybe having any issues causing them not to attend tutorials and lectures.  *Stuart you may wish to add more to this*

Response: This has ben raised with Information Services Group and they say they will get back next week.


IVC the coursework has now been released, there has also been an improvement with the lecturer communicating with the students.


The University will soon issue a statement regarding the upcoming strike action,  Stuart informed the Reps that any material that isn’t covered to the build-up of the exams will not be examinable.

Neil will soon be sending out email advertising 2 paid Internship positions, this will go out to UG2, UG3 and UG4 students that are planning to stay on to do a MInf, the application process will be starting in February 2020.

A poll was run asking if 4th year students wanted  access to the Forum and only 29% said they would, but Neil has to look into this as giving access to the Forum will also give access to Bayes.  *Action Neil to look into this*

EUSA will soon publish last year’s handover documents on the Student Reps Learn page.


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Staff Student Rep Meeting – Wednesday 30th October 2019

In attendance: Neil Heatley Head of Informatics Student Services, Alison Downie Computing Support Officer, Katey Lee Student Support Officer, Kendal Reid ITO

Apologies: Stuart Anderson Director of Teaching


CL the tutorial questions are hard to understand and the students would like some examples to be made available.  Neil suggested talking directly to the lecturer, and if nothing is made available then to let himself or Stuart know.


The students are all busy with deadlines, and there was nothing to report.


DBS the lecture slides are not made available on-line until after the lecture.  *Action Stuart to talk to the lecturer*

IAML there was only group feedback made available, the students would have preferred individual feedback.


No issues to report.


No issues to report.


IVC there is still no coursework date set!  *Action Stuart*


Neil Heatley discussed the possibility of doing activities such as Beer Pong and Yoya.

The Reps would like to know what actions have been done from previous meetings.

It was asked if the coursework planner on-line could be updated?  *Neil I don’t actually know what this is!*

Alison mentioned that there is currently power testing going on in AT levels 6, 7, 8 and 9 have been done, with some machines currently not working in Room 7.03, level 4 and 5 will be done from 7pm tonight and level 3 will be done on Monday 4th November between 7am – 3pm.


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Staff Student Rep Meeting – Wednesday 23rd October 2019

In attendance: Stuart Anderson Director of Teaching, Neil Heatley Head of Informatics Student Services, Jennifer Oxley Computing Support Officer, Kendal Reid ITO



INF1A the last two labs have been much better than previous weeks.  The answers to the lab sheets were really confusing, there appears to be no consistency with the tutorials, maybe more support and advice could be given to the tutors, so they are all being taught the same.

*Action Stuart to talk to Mike* (Stuart has talked to Michael and he has agreed that his new approach to some of the material could have been better supported.)


No issues for this week, just the same issues as the week before.


No complaints, the students are busy with approaching deadlines.


TSPL is being taught in a room 5.07, AT and it has no lecture recording facility, the class is very small, but maybe a camera could be set up?

*Action Alex*


IVC there is now more information than before available on-line.


SRM there was some feedback but the Rep has taken this straight to the Course Organiser.


Neil asked if the students could think of any ideas or suggestions for any events that they would like to do.

A Rep mentioned that some people’s jobs running on the student.compute server were hogging the CPU time so his own and some other’s processes were not being allocated as much time and thus running much slower than he expected.  He was asked by Jennifer could put in a support ticket giving them all the details – times, processes, users.

The lights in AT are on energy saving mode, so if there is no movement in room the lights will automatically go off.

The Reps had their EUSA training in the week and they asked about handover notes, this is something they would need to contact EUSA directly.

Update from Alex Burford for AFDS she checked the recording schedule for AFDS and there are two lectures per week:

Tuesday lectures are in the Teviot Sydney Smith Lecture Theatre (Old Medical School). This teaching space only supports audio and screen.

Thursday lectures are in the AT Lecture Theatre 2 and both chalkboards are being recorded and are in view and there appears to have no issues with these.

The Sydney Smith Lecture Theatre doesn’t appear to have a visualiser so there is no workaround here. I would therefore recommend requesting a room change for this class – and explain that a space which supports video recording is required.

*Action Stuart/He Sun* (Stuart is investigating the feasibility of a room change).

At the end of the meeting there was a discussion about the use of LEARN and the promised meeting with students.  Stuart has started to organise this.


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Staff Student Rep Meeting – Wednesday 16th October 2019

In attendance: Paul Jackson Senior Personal Tutor of Informatics Student Services, Richard Bell Computing Support Officer, Kendal Reid ITO

Apologies: Stuart Anderson Director of Teaching, Neil Heatley Head of ISS, Iain Dornan Student Support Officer


There has been no complaints this week, all the students are busy preparing for the class text next week.

The CL lab was reported to be good this week, and some improvements have been made since last week’s meeting.


DMMR the course is  well-structured and not having assessed tutorial sheets means the students can focus on understanding the most difficult questions.

They feel that there is too much information during lectures, the lectures could focus on how to approach proofs, rather than just walking through solutions.  Tutorial questions are too hard, meaning there is no time to go over all questions during the tutorial, the reading guide should be more explicit as to what is examinable and what isn’t and there are no suggested exercises to help with the difficult tutorial questions.


The students feel that the contents of the slides are overloaded with details, especially in Proofs, there is a lot of Maths involved which can be overwhelming for students who didn’t do Proofs and problem solving (a year one course offered by Maths for all Maths Honours and joint Honours students) last year, the tutorial sheets also contain a lot of Maths.  The students only have slides to refer to and they feel the lecturer skips through quite a lot.  They would also like if the lecturer could specify what they should be reading from the textbook that is recommended.


The students are really enjoying the course and the lecturer makes the lectures interesting but he tends to be late arriving for the lecture.  The coursework is reported to be difficult and very long, they are covering C this week and the coursework issued last week involves writing C first then MIPS code.  They feel that C should have been taught before MIPS and due to this they feel it would have been better to have released the coursework a bit later so they had more time to prepare.  The students would like more demonstrators to be available in the labs and they also feel that the lectures and labs are not well connected.


DBS the lecturer is not covering all the slides in the lecture, he is only getting through around half of them, the students asked if the lecturer could speed it up a bit, and maybe reduce the number of examples, also maybe ask the students some questions to engage with them during the lecture.

IAML some students had issues registering for Gradescope which was used for submitting the coursework this week, this was due to them not receiving some sign-up email from Gradescope.  It seems that Gradescope was not provided with an up-to-date class list, the lecturer has dealt with this.  They feel that the amount of material covered by each lecture recording is not well balanced: sometimes there is a rather a lot, sometimes rather less.

ILP more lab demonstrators would be good to help with the coursework as there is only one at the moment.  Currently, the course organisers (Stephen Gilmore & Paul) have not succeeded in recruiting any student demonstrators and Stephen alone has been demonstrating each week. Paul will now come along to the weekly lab sessions from now on.

IVR there are no tutorials or exercises for this course, so the students can’t asses their level of understanding, they would like some exercises of questions made available to help with this.


Honours projects the students have now all been assigned to groups but some groups have not yet heard from their Supervisors about arranging the project group meetings.

It was asked about solutions for Honours past exam papers, Paul said that the School has a policy not to release these, Paul noted that lecturers are encouraged to make available sample answers to some exam questions.  Reps indicated that this would be very helpful – it would help students gauge how to organise their answers and the amount of detail needed.  Unfortunately, currently very few lecturers on Honours courses make such sample solutions available.

It was remarked by a rep that students on Better Informatics do sometimes create their own solutions in order to help other students with exam preparation.


IVC  there is no slides available only videos of lecture recordings which have sound issues, Can the reps give us specific examples of the sound issues?  That would help us then figure out how to fix them.  (e.g. is the microphone not working or the lecturer forgetting to turn it on?)

There is also no Piazza or discussion forum set up only an on-line tutorial to participate on, the lecturer did say they would set things up but nothing has been done.  The Blackboard page on Learn is also empty.  The “Course Information” section on Learn is also empty there is no information on the two coursework’s which together count for 30% of the assessment, exercises and what is examinable.  There was a surprise quiz last week and the students done badly!  The lack of slides and general support for students learning the material strengthened their adverse reaction to then being given an unannounced pop-quiz on the material. *Action Stuart*

AFDS the content of the course is good but the lecturer talks to fast, and the students would like them to stop and pause and let the students take in what has been said, on the lecture recordings you can’t see the board, you can only hear what is being said.

*Action Alex Burford* to check whether the recording system is configured correctly for recording both video and audio at all lecture times.


The Blog hasn’t been updated since 13th March 2019*Action StuartUpdated.

There has been no communication made to the students regarding the use of Tophat recording attendance, they would like some information on this.  *Action Stuart* Email will go out this week.

Can more monitors be set up on Level 9?  Computing Support responded that they agreed that they can install 4x free standing monitors to AT level 9 for students to use with their laptops and they don’t imagine it will take too long to get organised.

The layout of information on Learn pages is not consistent.  E.g. lecture recordings are found in different places on different courses, students find it confusing when all information is not on Learn – they like consistency.   It is worst when the Learn pages do not even link to the pages off Learn.  Paul asked if the reps could alert us to this when this is the case he was aware it was for the UG4 projects page up to a few days ago and gets the feeling there are still other Learn pages out there where this is also the case.


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Staff Student Rep Meeting – Wednesday 9th October 2019

In attendance: Stuart Anderson Director of Teaching, Neil Heatley Head of ISS, Kendal Reid ITO, Gordon Reid Computing Support Officer

Stuart welcomed all the new Reps and thanked them for volunteering their time to becoming a Rep, he explained that this weekly meeting is to address any issues that arise and could be fixed quickly, this meeting involves all the Reps across the years.  Neil said that if students are not comfortable to bring any issues to this meeting, they can contact himself and Stuart regardless if it is negative or positive, at the end of the Semesters there will be Staff Student Liaison Meeting, which will only be for a specific year groups with the Year Organiser and lecturers, to discuss any issues that have arisen throughout the Semester and can be taken to make improvements for the following year.

Minutes are taken in the weekly meeting and then put onto the Blog


INF1A the students feel that lab this week is difficult to understand, especially with the Sequent Calculus, there is a lot of content.  *Action Stuart to talk to the lecturer*  Stuart talked to the lecturer – he would like more feedback on specific issues so he can consider the issue carefully.

The wi-fi in the George Aitken lecture theatre, hasn’t been great, which could be to do with the volume of students connecting to it.



INF2C-CS the students are happy with the course.

INF2-IADS there has been a bit of confusion on Path with extra labs being added to the students timetables, there has been some changes with additional labs being added and double room bookings but hopefully this issue should be resolved quickly, as PATH updates every day.



ILP the slides are to slow in being released *Stuart will talk to the lecturer*



There has been slight confusion with what is happening with Project Group meetings, there is a new Project Coordinator this year and she is currently working on organising the groups.



IAML is reported to be a good course, it now has 2 lecturers covering the course due to the size of the class, the class has doubled in size from the previous year, but the School is hopeful that the course should run smoothly.

It was reported that some lecturers are not using the throw mic, and lecturers are not repeating the questions being asked by students, so the other students don’t know what the question was, to appreciate the answer.  *Action Neil to send out an email*

There has been reported that a few classes are clashing, the School don’t schedule the lecture slots this is done via Timetabling, hopefully these issues  should be fixed next year, but all the lectures should now be recorded and can be seen on-line.

There is only one AI course scheduled in Semester 2, but this is due to the lack of AI lecturers, the School has recruited more AI lectures, so next year this should rectify this problem.



Stuart mentioned that some of the bigger courses may not be able to mark the coursework within the designated return period, this is due to high volume of attendees and maybe not enough markers, it is hoped that if any late returns can be reported back to the students before the deadline of returned mark, so they are aware of any delays and not waiting on something that is expected when it isn’t.

Week mid semester survey’s will be released and if the Reps could try and encourage students to complete these.

There has been issues with the lifts in AT this week, not stopping on the basement and ground levels, which is an issue for any students with disabilities, Neil has escalated this to Estates.

Level 9 the toilet signage has been changed from male and female to a gender neutral sign.

Level 9 is only available to final year students 4th and 5th year, in the summer when the final year students graduate, the Master students will be given access to this floor.

The Entrepreneurial space in the basement of Appleton Tower, will soon become a Usability lab.  It is likely that outside of Teaching Time it will still be used to support Entrepreneurship.

Qais Patankar currently runs Better Inf and will be looking for volunteers to take over when he graduates next Summer, he is also going to set up a group chat for Reps.

It was asked if there could be more help with transitioning into the School for Direct Entry students.

Any course issues that may arise doesn’t necessarily have to be brought to this meeting, students can also ask questions on the course Piazza page, or go directly to the lecturer.

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Staff Student Rep Meeting – Wednesday 13th March 2019

In attendance:, Katey Lee Student Support Officer, Iain Dornan Student Support Officer, Kendal Reid ITO,  Ian Durkacz  Computing Officer

Apologies:  Stuart Anderson Director of Teaching, Neil Heatley Head of ISS

Stuart is going to send out feedback regarding INF1-CG via an email.  Coursework 2 is reported to be poorly written.

INF2D could the lecturer be more prepared for the lectures, it appears he has not read the slides prior to the lecture.
Probability with Applications, the students would like the video recordings to be made available straight after the lecturer, but as a policy the lecturers have 24 hours to review their videos before posting on-line.

ILP students are still awaiting response from the Pavlos and Stuart.
ST coursework one has been reported that the instructions are hard to read and the source code is bad.

SP the coursework is worth 30% of the course and it is too large for a 10 credit course.
IoTSSC the students feel the course is badly supported the lab demonstrators have not been helpful, the hardware is insufficient and not compatible.

RL the students feel the coursework is too intense for an assignment that is worth 25% of the course and a 10 credit course.  They feel the expectation of the coursework is too high and parts of the code didn’t work.  There has been no response from the lecturer on the Piazza page and no helper guide has been made available.

Students were asking about the question raised last week about supplying a microwave, and also supplying a fridge.

Bayes is reported to be really cold especially at the weekend could this be looked into?

It was asked how long swipe cards have before they are de-activated after Graduation for UG4

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Staff Student Rep Meeting – Wednesday 6th March 2019

In attendance: Stuart Anderson Director of Teaching, Neil Heatley Head of ISS, Kendal Reid ITO, Carol Dow Computing Support Officer

Apologies:  Student Support Team

There is still on-going issues with INF1-CG not being beginner friendly with programming in Python, and ILA experience, Stuart will talk to the lecturer.

No issues, students are busy with coursework.

SDP Stuart has spoken with Barbara Webb regarding the issues with Procurement, and is meeting with the SDP team to discuss the issues they had.
ILP the students are now happy that Pavlos is addressing the issue with students that received a 0, he is dealing with them case by case.  There is also an on-going issue the students were explicitly told that they would not be assessed on the JU testing and it wasn’t part of the marking criteria and it was,  5% of the grade was determined by the JU testing after it was promised it wasn’t, so therefore the majority of students didn’t do it.

No Reps in attendance.

APL the students feel there should be more courses available covering Software Engineering rather just Machine Learning.
NLU coursework 2, the students felt that training time took a lot longer than expected.

IRR the results are still not out from December.
The examination timetable is now available and some students have complained that they have 4 exams within 2 days, the timetable is made up by the Examinations team, this is done via a machine that has all the University’s information and it generates the timetable according to locations, space available.  It is unfortunate but some students could have 4 exams within days of one another or one on the first day of the diet and one on the last, but it is out of the School’s hands.

It was asked about supplying a microwave for students to use in Appleton Tower, at the moment there isn’t one available and this is because on two occasions before the previous microwave has caused the fire alarm to go off, and the fire brigade had to attend and some students were refusing to evacuate the building on their request.  As the building has 24 hour access and there are no fire stewards available out of hours, this it is not possible.  Neil will talk to the Buildings Team and see if it is maybe possible to have a time microwave which is only available within the working hours.

The School is looking into running weekend long Hackathons, which would involve the use of Levels 4, 5 and 6 and asked the Reps how they would feel about the floors being blocked off over a weekend, they said it may be problematic if there are deadlines and the students don’t have access to the DICE Machine, or could even two floors be used rather than them all?

Neil would like to try and use the last Rep meeting to have lunch and discuss how the Student Support Team could do more involving students, like coffee afternoons, etc.

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Staff Student Rep Meeting – Wednesday 27th February 2019

In attendance: Kendal Reid ITO, Katey Lee Student Support Officer, Jennifer Oxley Computing Support Officer,

Apologies: Stuart Anderson Director of Teaching, Neil Heatley Head of ISS

There is still on-going issues with INF1-CG not being beginner friendly with programming in Python, as some students haven’t done programming previously.  The second coursework is due today and the language of the tasks were not clear.

PWA tutorials are not being covered in the lectures, the Rep has emailed the lecturer asking if this could be addressed and if he could use a tablet in the lectures rather than writing on the board, but there has been no response.

The tutorial sheets for CS are being released on a Friday PM, could they be released earlier?  The lecturer has been emailed with no response.
SDP did not have access to the procurement list, this has now been resolved but one team in particular felt very aggrieved and they are hoping for compensation, due to technical issues and delays because of how the University’s ordering policy works.

ILP there is a discrepancy between the marks that the students received on EUCLID and their pdf’s for coursework 2.  It also stated that the bonus features would not be marked but they were and for the J Unit testing. The android app submission if it crashed or didn’t compile you got 0 marks.  There was no feedback and comments received.  Pavlos is meant to be looking into this and hopefully get back to the class before Friday.

Some students haven’t had any feedback from their Supervisor’s for 6 weeks.

The project allocations have now been released and the majority of students got their first project choice, so that was well received.

It has been reported that males are using the female toilets in the staircase on the 9th floor, there are gender neutral toilets within the main area of Level 9.

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