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The Resource Lists service takes some of the heavy lifting out of creating reading lists for your class(es). It is deliberately called ‘Resource’ (rather than ‘Reading’) list as it supports a variety of resources – including video resources.

Simply contact your local library service with your resource list (in advance of deadline) and they will create the list for you. This also alerts them to any requirements to order new / additional copies of texts, thereby better ensuring your students will have access to the resources, when they need them.

Alternatively, you can build the resource list yourself, and send to the Library for review.

Leganto (the resource list service provider) integrates seamlessly with Learn.


Library Learning Services is running a series of Resource Lists/Leganto workshops throughout May and June 2018. Bring your course reading list to this workshop and have a working resource list at the end or come along for a refresher session.

All sessions will be held in Room EW10, Argyle House. Book via MyEd for the following dates:

4 May (1400-1600)

9 May (1400-1600)

15 May (1400-1600)

23 May (1400-1600)

1 June (1400-1600)

6 June (1400-1600)

14 June (1000-1200)

18 June (1400-1600)

21 June (1000-1200)

27 June (1400-1600)

3 July (1000-1200)

11 July (1400-1600)

If these dates don’t suit or you would like to organise a training session for your colleagues in your school, please get in touch. Remember, you can start sending your lists for next year now. Deadlines for Semester 1 will be published shortly.

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