11 March 2010

Complementary Approaches to Understanding the Plant Circadian Clock

Maria Luisa Guerriero
Centre for Systems Biology at Edinburgh
11am Friday, 12 March, 2010
Room 3.02, Informatics Forum

Links: Seminar abstract; About PEPA Club.

This talk describes a BioPEPA model for the circadian clock in the green alga Ostreococcus tauri, demonstrating in particular the use of BioPEPA to drive many different kinds of analysis of the same model.

Dr Guerriero is a researcher at CSBE working on formal verification of process algebra models for systems biology. This talk is a rehearsal for a presentation at the FTBC 2010 workshop From Biology To Concurrency and Back in Cyprus later this month.


22 February 2010

My apologies, but I am ill and so shall not be able to give the MLCSB lecture today.

In addition, I shall be giving a seminar in Birmingham at the end of the week and so there is no lecture on Thursday either.

The next MLCSB lecture is on Monday 1 March, and will be about stochastic simulation and the Gillespie algorithm.