Assignment 2: Modelling in BioPEPA

5 March 2010

The second coursework assignment is now out, and due on Thursday 25 March, three weeks from now.

The assignment involves modelling a small signalling pathway using the BioPEPA language. Lecture 14, on Thursday 11 March, will include an introduction to BioPEPA; and Stephen Gilmore will give a guest lecture presenting the Eclipse plugin for BioPEPA on Monday 15 March.

The exercise is fairly open-ended, and you should feel free to modify it and follow your own investigations as you find appropriate. If you have find (or solve) any particular difficulties, especially with the modelling tools or other technical issues, please post comments below.

Links: Assignment 2; BioPEPA; The BioPEPA Eclipse plugin.

Assignment source

22 February 2010

I have put online the LaTeX source for the assignment sheet. This is only for completeness, and possible LaTeX interest — it doesn’t have any clues hidden inside it.