This blog is for a past version of the course. You can also consult the current MLCSB course web pages.

Each lecture specifies additional reading and exercises on the topics covered. This homework is not assessed for credit, but it is essential for those wishing to fully participate in the course. For more details see the course blog entries.

In additional, there are two pieces of credit coursework during the semester, each marked out of 100 and each contributing 15% to final course grades.

Please submit your written coursework to the collection box outside the Informatics Teaching Organisation office on level 4 of the Appleton Tower. This work will be marked anonymously: please use the cover sheet provided by the ITO, writing on it the title of the course, and your name in the corner where the ITO can conceal it for anonymisation. Do not mark your name, student number, or exam number anywhere else.

University Assessment Regulations 2009–2010, §7.4: Anonymity.

Assignment 1

Petri Nets and Temporal Logic (source)

Due: 4pm Thursday 25 February 2010 (2010-02-25 16:00Z)

Assignment 2

Modelling in BioPEPA (source)

Due: 4pm Thursday 25 March 2010 (2010-03-25 16:00Z)

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