Ideas for “app for that” comedy sketches

January 19, 2011

While at a funeral, of all places, the idea for a series of short comedy sketches based on abuse of “there’s an app for that” popped into my head.

So the basic joke is an unlikely app that leads to the destruction or ruining of someone’s smart phone. The initial thought came about because we’d just been served tea and coffee at the funeral tea, but there were no teaspoons. Someone at the table was playing with their phone (probably me) and I pictured someone saying “No problem, I’ve got an app for that.”, bringing out his phone clicking on an app picturing a teaspoon, which promptly shows on screen, and them him dunking it into a hot cup of tea and stirring it with the phone!

Anyway, it amused me and a few other scenarios popped into my head:

No butter knife? Gets phone out, brings up picture of knife, and proceeds to stick it into a margarine tub and then smear his toast with it.

Wobbly table in a pub causing your pint to spill? Brings up picture of wedge (or folded beer mat) and sticks it under the leg of the table – cracks screen.

Or perhaps needs a beer mat? Beer mat app, puts phone down and pint on phone, with spillage onto phone/table.

I’m sure you can come up with some more. Comment below.

Update: Nov 2012. Looks like someone has the same sense of humour as me. It’s in German, but the title is all you need to know
Update: Jul 2013. Not really an update, just testing some anti comment spam stuff.