AFS vos move speed up

It would be nice if doing a ‘vos move’ of a volume to a partition that already contains an RO site for that volume, to somehow utilise that RO to speed up the process of the move. eg something like doing a ‘vos release’ and then ‘vos convertROtoRW’, ideally without interrupting access to the volume for any longer than a normal ‘vos move’ does.

My thinking here is that if you have volumes replicated across two site for disaster recovery, and you want to bring the current RW server out of service to do work on it. Currently you can do this by ‘vos move’ing all the RWs off that machine to another. Depending on the volume of data, this can take a long time. So how about utilising that offsite RO copy, assuming its a regularly released copy of the RO, then the bulk of the data has already been moved. “All” you need is some way to atomicly¬† update that RO and then promote that RO to RW, presumably turning the original RW back into an RO.

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