SL7 Desktop bits

Just a place for me to note things as I start to use the early access SL7 DICE Desktop. Though I’ve since discovered

Where’s fvwm – Compiled the Fedora 22 srpm and its no mostly working. Startup scripts not working fully. Sort of by .fvwm/config
.brc not used – symlink .bashrc
Has yum search replaced whererpms ?
Can I find our SL7 RPMs on a file system path?
xcal missing
pidgin cert error
firefox doesn’t trust EdUni CA sites.
svn on SL7 newer than SL6, interopability issues?
rfe doesn’t find maps

Gnome-classic stuff
Terminal black on white, subsequent xterms are my white on black. Possibly because XAPPLRESDIR isn’t defined soon enough. That seemed to be it, can be set in ~/.profile

Workspace switcher in bottom right, Windows+PgUp/Dwn or CTRL+ALT+UP/DOWN to switch

One Response to SL7 Desktop bits

  1. neilb says:

    Something happened to the icon manager title for shells. It used to show just user@host, now it is showing the full title from the window.
    The shell var PROMPT_COMMAND seems to set the title via escape chars.
    I thought I’d fixed it with a fvwm style command.