Ongoing work in Forum over Summer

This is a repost of an email sent to if-people by Dave Hamilton. The original can be found at (only accessible to list members).

Dear Forum Occupants,

Attached are the drawings showing where the hoarding will be going up on the 3 levels that will be affected by work over the next 6 to 8 weeks.

Note that if you are on level 2 the route you may need to take to your office may have to be adjusted and likewise for some occupants on level 4 when that level begins around 13th Jul.

In the event of an emergency all usual evacuation routes will be available (i.e. you may head through the construction area corridor if necessary. A clear route will always be maintained).

Please refrain from entering the construction area at all other times.

Rough schedule is;

  • Level 2 now to 13th Jul.
  • Level 4 13th Jul to 3rd Aug.
  • Level 5 3rd Aug to 24th Aug


Dave David Hamilton

Superintendent, School of Informatics

Level 2 hoarding

Level 2 hoarding

Level 4 hoarding

Level 4 hoarding

Level 5 Hoarding

Level 5 hoarding

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