EdWeb CAB submissions

The Uni EdWeb project now has a Change Advisory Board (CAB), and I’ve submitted the three things our local sub-theme of the UoE theme does as Requests For Change (RFCs) to the board chair – Stratos.

Of the 3 things: local search, removal of banner image and fixing the UoE crest and logo link. The first two have been submitted as RFCs, but the UoE crest link has already been recorded as a bug to be fixed. The RFCs can be seen at:


We’ve also been asked if we can provide a “budget” either in manpower or cash. I’ve said it’s unlikely, other than my patches, but I’ve asked Craig to clarify that.

Stratos has also asked if I would do a presentation at an upcoming Web Publishers monthly meeting. I’ve said I would, but will need to check some facts/bugs with the Web Project team before doing any slides.


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