Footer funnies

Kenny reported problems when trying to make use of the new subsite footer options of the homepage content type. The problem appears to be our “local search” theme, not being compatible with the new multi-colours option of the latest UoE theme.

If you choose one of the multi-colours (or even the default red) from the homepage subsite settings, then you can add the footer stuff, and have it stick. The problem (I assume) is that this becomes a new theme, attached to that homepage, overriding whatever sitewide theme we may have (our localsearch version of UoE), and so we lose our localsearch and ability to hide the banner image.

Co-incidentally, IS were asking for my patches to EdWeb to support our RFC request. I explained that we didn’t actually patch EdWeb, but used our own theme, and offered to produce patches to the UoE theme that did the same. They were happy to just get my complete theme code, but perhaps we will have to go down the”patch EdWeb” route, rather than try to sub-theme. It will make upgrades more problematic, but should mean we have less issues when new features are added.

Of course, even better would be if our two RFCs (local search and hide banner) get accepted into the main EdWeb distro, then we won’t have to worry about patches or sub-themes.


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