EdWeb 1.7

Last week EdWeb distro 1.7 was released. This week I tried installing it on webtest.inf, first as a fresh install (which gave and error) and secondly updating a clone of web.inf, which worked fine.

The failure, when doing a fresh install, was the same problem Craig had last week, this was my chance to see it for myself. The problem turned out to be a new test to make sure that the PHP variable max_exectution_time was suitably large, but using drush from the command line to install, then that var is set to “0” indicating unlimited.

I submitted the issue and patch via http://dist.drupal.is.ed.ac.uk/node/446 which will be incorporated into the next release. I tested the fix on their updated dev version.

The plan is to update web.inf.ed.ac.uk on Tuesday morning.

Kenny’s been asking again about EASE and restricted pages. I must have a look at that soon.

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  1. neilb@spiralarms.net says:

    looked at EASE yet?