Cosign and cron

Having got EdWeb working with EASE, I went back and tried it against our weblogin CoSign service, and that too works. My initial problems were probably the openldap issue that EASE had.

I’ve still not got a clear way to access a site as “admin” once EASE/Cosign is enabled, other than temporarily disabling the UoE LDAP and EASE modules, and reverting to the old way.

I’m looking at an “admin” site that uses basic auth, so I can sign in as “admin”, and though that has a slight success, it then fails with what looks like a failure to find “admin” in the LDAP and then extract an email address, and role information for him. I’m not sure if that should be considered a bug or not.

Also had a look at cron, has Kenny was having problems with the new scheduling on our test 1.10. A mail to UWS Tech suggests that using the wget and cron key is the way to do it, rather than using drush (which I’d been experimenting with).


One Response to Cosign and cron

  1. neilb says:

    After speaking to David and Adrian, it seems the thing to do is just give the “system admin” role permission to do everything. This should be safe (user mistakes not withstanding), as the various hooks that edweb relies on will still trigger, unlike when user 1 (admin) does things.

    There was some suggestion from Adrian that there’s a module – possibly Admin role – that automatically gives the admin role every permission.