Get it Finished

April 25, 2018

As usual the last 10% of the project is taking 90% (of the real time) to complete. This post is a kick up my own backside to get this project finished.

So, even though the things to do are recorded on, as a note to myself, the things I need to do are:

  • Proper disaster recover instructions. Currently web.inf is being mirrored to KB, but needs to be done better and documented. I think I’ll create a new VM at KB, rather than piggyback on the physical DR for – Now done
  • Document the routine tasks. Which basically means what to do when updates come out, as we no longer need to worry about our local patches, as they’ve been incorporated into the official distribution, or equivalent functionality has been provided.
    • I do need to provide some info on our Feature module, and what to check of our local config after upgrades


  • Lastly, write a final report.