FTTP to the house, so FTTH

Having moved to the countryside 3 years ago and having to put up with 6Mb down and 1Mb up, yesterday we have FTTP installed. It was a local community thing organised by one of the neighbours nearby. You can get vouchers for everyone who agrees to take a FTTP package, and then give those to Openreach to offset their cost of installing the fibre. (Or something like that).

Anyway some pictures of what our install looks like. Note I asked for them to put it in a different location to the existing BT master socket. As you can see the ONT (modem) is pretty small these days. Though there is a bit of spaghetti coming out of it, and it needs power.

They could have put it through the stonework, but I asked, and they were happier, for it to go through the wooden window frame.

2 Responses to FTTP to the house, so FTTH

  1. gdutton says:

    where’s your BBU?

    • neilb says:

      Doesn’t have one. I’m not that fussed. I prefer the less obtrusive look. It could always be added as an option later. Might have been different in a world without mobile phones.