Pilot service for Yubikey two-factor authentication

November 10, 2015

Cosign ‘factors’ – continued …

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Bearing in mind that ‘factor’ is an overloaded term within Cosign, the “Cosign Multi-Factor Specification, 20 March 2006, Draft 6” defines the necessary behaviour of a ‘factor’ as ‘external authenticator.’ Namely:

  1. External authenticator(s) are declared as follows in /etc/cosign.conf:
    factor <pathname> [-2] <form-field1> <formfield2> …
  2. Any such authenticator will be invoked if (and only if) all listed form-fields contain posted data.
  3. The value of each form-field is written to the authenticator on stdin, one per line, in the order in which they are listed in the configuration.
  4. If authentication is successful, the authenticator:
    • writes the factor name to stdout
    • exits with 0

    Otherwise, the authenticator:

    • writes an error message to stdout
    • exits with 1

The -2 option to the factor keyword means that this factor is only checked after another (non -2) factor has been satisfied. It’s intended for use with factors which are vulnerable to denial-of-service attacks due to repeated authentication failures.

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