January 24, 2008

This blog is going to accumulate a selection of musings about the design and build process for Prometheus, the School of Informatics’ new account provisioning system. They’re going to form a historical record of the thinking behind Prometheus’s system architecture, and its implementation. This historical record means that what’s written before will be superseded by what’s written afterwards. A post’s tags will indicate the general area of discussion – other posts with the same tag may update, or even replace the contents of earlier posts. Posts will also be split into categories – with the design category covering system design issues, and implementation going into the nitty gritty of how things work I’m going to kick off with a series of posts about some core elements of Prometheus… 

  • Distributed Access
  • Delegation Everywhere
  • Push vs Pull
  • The KISS principle

And then about some design decisions that these inform

  • LDAP everywhere