Personal Tutoring Statement

As your Personal Tutor, I’m here to support you through your academic journey at the University of Edinburgh. This includes:

    • reviewing and planning your studies, your course choices, and other training that you might wish to undertake
      helping support you when you have problems that interfere with your studies (personal problems, health issues, …)
      writing references for employers
  • General Points

    You should check your university email account regularly. If I email you, this is the email I will use, because other providers, such as Gmail, don’t offer sufficient data protection.

    Make sure that the University always has up to date contact details for you. You can check and change them using the Student Personal Details channel on MyEd.

    The University has many specialised services and a lot of information is online. Here are some web sites you should check if you have a question:

  • Keeping in Touch

    I travel a lot, so the best way to contact me is usually via email. I have a Google Calendar that details when I am in Edinburgh, which I am happy to share with you. I am also happy to talk to you via Skype Instant Messenger, or the Personal Tutor channel. I have set up a discussion group on Piazza for my Personal Tutees; I will send you an invite once I’ve heard from you either in person or via email.

    If you urgently need to talk to somebody in person, and you can’t find me, please contact the Informatics Teaching Organisation.

    Problems that Affect Your Studies

    If you have a problem that might negatively affect your studies, please tell me as soon as possible. In particular, if you think that a problem has affected your performance in an exam, make sure that I know about it before the exam board meeting, where marks are finalized. After the meeting, there’s nothing I can do.

    If you are sick, let the lecturers or the organisers of the courses you are taking know, and let me know as well. If needed, I can send a note that confirms your absence.

    If you will be off ill for seven or more days, or if you are ill for an exam, you will need to provide a Doctor’s Certificate.

    Writing a Reference

    When you give me as a reference for a position, please tell me about it, so that I can watch out for the notification. I will also need an up to date copy of your CV; without it, I won’t be able to provide a reference.