Third period

Second Period

First Period

  • D1.1: Multiscale modelling informed by smart grids.
    • Authors: Nicolas Gast (EPFL/INRIA), Luca Bortolussi (CNR), Jane Hillston (UEDIN), Rytis Paškauskas (CNR), Mirco Tribastone (SOTON), March 2014.
  • D2.1: A preliminary investigation of capturing spatial information for CAS
    • Authors: Vashti Galpin (UEDIN), Luca Bortolussi (CNR), Vincenzo Ciancia (CNR), Allan Clark (UEDIN), Rocco De Nicola (IMT), Cheng Feng (UEDIN), Stephen Gilmore (UEDIN), Nicolas Gast (EPFL/Inria), Jane Hillston (UEDIN), Alberto Lluch-Lafuente (IMT), Michele Loreti (IMT), Mieke Massink (CNR), Laura Nenzi (IMT), Daniël Reijsbergen (UEDIN), Valerio Senni (IMT), Francesco Tiezzi (IMT), Mirco Tribastone (SOTON), Max Tschaikowski (SOTON), March 2014.
  • D3.1: Foundations of scalable verification for stochastic logics
    • Author(s): Mieke Massink (CNR), Luca Bortolussi (CNR), Vincenzo Ciancia (CNR), Jane Hillston (UEDIN), Alberto Lluch-Lafuente (IMT), Diego Latella (CNR), Michele Loreti (IMT), Daniël Reijsbergen (UEDIN), Andrea Vandin (SOTON), March 2014.
  • D4.1: CAS-SCEL language design
    • Authors: Luca Bortolussi (CNR), Rocco De Nicola (IMT), Cheng Feng (UEDIN), Vashti Galpin (UEDIN), Jane Hillston (UEDIN), Diego Latella (CNR), Michele Loreti (IMT), Mieke Massink (CNR), Valerio Senni (IMT), March 2014.
  • D5.1: Data validation and requirements for case studies
    • Authors: Mirco Tribastone (SOTON), Allan Clark (UEDIN), Nicolas Gast (EPFL), Stephen Gilmore (UEDIN), and Daniël Reijsbergen (UEDIN), March 2014.
  • D6.1: Dissemination plan for the project
    • Authors: Stephen Gilmore (UEDIN), Maurice ter Beek (CNR), Luca Bortolussi (CNR), Vincenzo Ciancia (CNR), Vashti Galpin (UEDIN), Jane Hillston, (UEDIN), Mieke Massink (CNR), Mirco Tribastone (SOTON), March 2014.
  • D7.1: Periodic report for months 1-12
    • Jane Hillston (UEDIN).  May 2014.