Dr. Mieke Massink

Dr Mieke Massink is a researcher at CNR-ISTI (formerly CNUCE) since 2000. She has over 50 published papers, with contributions to process algebras, temporal logics, model based design and to the application of model checking in the area of human computer interaction, safety critical systems and, more recently, collective dynamic systems. She was scientific coordinator of the CNR–RSTL curiosity driven project XXL and the mini-project FAERUS in the context of ReSIST (Resilience for survivability in IST) and participated in several European and Italian national projects, including AGILE and SENSORIA, and Italian National projects among which TOCAI.IT and PaCo. Currently she is active in the European and national projects ASCENS and TRACE-IT, respectively. She has been PC member of many international conferences and workshops and PC chair for several others. Her most recent work has focussed on quantitative modelling and verification of collective systems in the area of human computer interaction, stochastic extensions of logics and languages addressing mobility and location and related model checking techniques.