QUANTICOL project items of interest to journalists and the press are distributed here.

  • The QUANTICOL project was featured in ERCIM News number 98, in July 2014, in the article “A Quantitative Approach to the Design and Analysis of Collective Adaptive Systems for Smart Cities” by Maurice ter Beek, Luca Bortolussi, Vincenzo Ciancia, Stefania Gnesi, Jane Hillston, Diego Latella and Mieke Massink.
  • A Pisa newspaper (Il Tirreno – edizione Pisa) featured an article on the local bike-sharing system CicloPi.
    • The article discusses the extension of the number of stations of Pisa’s bike-sharing system CicloPi from 18 to 24 later this summer, including a station at the CNR premises. With roughly 200 bikes in circulation, CicloPi remains a rather small bike-sharing system, but with over 1600 rented bikes per year, for every 1000 inhabitants, it is nevertheless the most used bike-sharing system of Italy. It is appreciated by the town’s politicians and inhabitants alike, as can be witnessed by the growing investments in bicycle roads and bike-sharing stations on the one hand and the fact that so far no CicloPi bikes have been stolen or damaged on the other hand.
    • The article specifically mentions the ongoing collaboration between ISTI-CNR and the “Ufficio Bici” (bike-sharing office) of PisaMo concerning the optimisation of the bike-sharing system layout and of the redistribution of bikes. ISTI-CNR is one of the partners in the QUANTICOL project, and uses CicloPi as testbed for their research on bike-sharing systems. PisaMo S.p.A. is the in-house public mobility company of the Municipality of Pisa that is responsible for the introduction, maintenance, and further expansion of CicloPi.