QUANTICOL at the FoCAS Video Sprint

At the beginning of January four members of the QUANTICOL project, Yehia Abd Alrahmann, Jane Hillston, Michele Loreti and Laura Nenzi, took part in the video sprint organised by the FoCAS coordination action. The objective of the two day event was to generate material suitable for inclusion in a 20 minute video that the coordination action is making to summarise the progress so far of the FoCAS programme and most projects were represented. After much discussion a number of short video segments were filmed together and supporting images were collated. For QUANTICOL we were keen to get across the importance of predicting the dynamic behaviour of CAS before design and deployment, as well as basing adaptation decision on quantitative analysis. Gaining knowledge about the dynamic behaviour is crucial if we are to ensure timely behaviour and fair and equitable distribution of resources within such systems. A link to the final video will be provided in due course.