Dr Stefania Gnesi

Dr. Stefania Gnesi is Director of Research at CNR-ISTI since 2001, and head of the FMT group. She has been chair of the ERCIM-FMICS working group from 2002 to 2005, and currently is deputy chair of Formal Methods Europe (FME). She was coordinator of several CNR projects on Methods and Tools for Analysis, Verification and Validation of Safety-Critical and Mobile Systems, in which she was responsible for the development of the formal specification and verification environments JACK and HAL.  Her current research interests include i) study and development of new logics for the formal specification and verification of concurrent and mobile systems; ii) application of model-checking techniques to complex case studies, focusing recently on the study of formal verification methods and tools for service-oriented applications and for product-line specifications proposing logics suitable to express properties for such applications.