What are the robot weekends?

The robot weekend group is a space for robotics students and staff to work on small and fun projects that do not fit the research agenda or their busy schedule. This could involve controlling a humanoid using a joystick or using a virtual reality kit on a rover. The members meet over the weekend and work on small demos using the robots across the different labs at the Univeristy Of Edinburgh (see Robotaruim and SLCM group). The meetings aren’t strictly regular but the aim is to complete about one project each moth and demonstrate it on the robot. Since this is a spare time activity, the expected time commitment is between an afternoon to a weekend worth of work.

This is a great opportunity for keeping that creative spark of enthusiasm for robotics going while learning how to use platforms like Valkyrie, Husky, Baxter, UR10/5 or KUKA LWR. Anyone can propose a project and learn the necessary skills such as: become a robot operator, health and safety, learn to use platform specific software, master version control and continuous software development, improve programming skills, e.t.c.

Current enthusiastic robotics or related PhD students and staff are always welcome to join. Student’s with other backgrounds or at MSc level or below are likely to lack the experience and expertise that makes completing these projects over short period of time possible. We are always happy to help train people for using a specific robot but this this is not a replacement (nor a complement) for robotics courses offered at University of Edinburgh (or elsewhere).

The communication, including discussion about projects and meeting times takes place on our slack channel. Please contact the administrator (Vladimir Ivan – v.ivan[at]ed.ac.uk) if you’d like to join.