LCFG core builds

Using the newly configured mock chroots for SL6 I have just built the packages for everything in the LCFG core list. This includes:

  1. lcfg-authorize
  2. lcfg-client
  3. lcfg-file
  4. lcfg-logserver
  5. lcfg-ngeneric
  6. lcfg-om
  7. lcfg-sysinfo
  8. lcfg-utils
  9. lcfg-pkgtools
  10. perl-LCFG-PkgTools
  11. perl-LCFG-PkgUtils
  12. perl-LCFG-Utils
  13. perl-W3C-SAX-XmlParser
  14. perl-W3C-Util-Basekit

These have all built without a hitch on both architectures so I’ll take that as a reasonable first test of the mock configurations. Next step is to get Package Forge build daemons running for both architectures.

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