Users and Groups

In LCFG we have template files for the basic /etc/passwd and /etc/group files which are shipped in a platform-specific lcfg-defetc package, these are combined with extra users and groups which are specified in LCFG auth component resources.

These lists have previously always been created by basically installing everything. For various reasons this is not the best approach (if nothing else, there are likely to be some conflicting packages) so we’ve come up with a better idea.

For this port I’ve written a script which scans the SL6 i386 archive to find every package which has install scripts which use any of the useradd, adduser or groupadd commands. This has produced a list of 68 packages which need local users and/or groups. Attached to that page is the full list of scripts involved. The next step is to go through that list and make a complete list of the users, groups, uids and gids involved and then use those to make the template files. Hopefully this should give us a much more comprehensive list with a lot of less effort being required.

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