SL6 desktop

After a small amount of work to create a desktop package list, we now have working (and LCFG installable) SL6 desktops. The package list was built up from the following yum groups :-

  • Desktop (basic-desktop)
  • Desktop Platform (desktop-platform)
  • Desktop Platform Development (desktop-platform-devel)
  • Development tools (development)
  • Emacs (emacs)
  • Fonts (fonts)
  • General Purpose Desktop (general-desktop)
  • Graphics Creation Tools (graphics)
  • Ice Desktop Enviroment (ice-desktop)
  • Internet Browser (internet-browser)
  • KDE Desktop (kde-desktop)
  • Office Suite and Productivity (office-suite)
  • Printing client (print-client)
  • TeX support (tex)
  • X Window System (x11)

If we add further yum groups to the desktop, we’ll document this as comments on this post.

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1 Response to SL6 desktop

  1. Alastair Scobie says:

    Added internet-applications group + thunderbird.

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