It turns out that the openafs packages shipped by Scientific Linux have init-scripts which are substantially different from those in the standard packages provided on the website. Although it was possible to start the AFS client with the LCFG openafs component we could not actually configure it correctly. I’ve now got around to fixing this problem by building the RPMs for SL6, annoyingly though this has revealed a problem with building 1.4.14 packages on SL6. We can build 1.6.0pre packages on SL6 but it looks like there is a packaging bug which prevents building 1.4.14 on SL6.

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  1. sxw says:

    There’s actually a couple of problems with 1.4.14’s packaging for RHEL6. Fixes will be in the next 1.4 series release from OpenAFS (all going well, this should be 1.4.15, at some point shortly after 1.6.0). In the mean time, if you want to apply patches, the changes you need are:



    • squinney says:

      Looks like the patches to the specfile from both diffs have already been applied. It was just the kmodtool patch which was missing.

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