DICE SL6 now working

It’s now possible to have a DICE SL6 LCFG profile. It should look
something like this:


#include <dice/os/sl6.h>
#include <dice/hw/virtualbox.h>
#include <dice/options/office-forum.h>
#include <live/wire_forum.h>


!profile.release      mSET(develop)

It has to be on the develop release. Currently there is no local ldap server which means you cannot use rfe or run om as a normal user, only as root.

There is also currently no local DNS server, we’re still using the lcfg-resolvconf component rather than lcfg-dns. It might work, I’ve not tested it though.

Other than that, all the LCFG components which have been auto-built seem to be working. Even routing seems to be fine.

There is a live hacks header (live/sl6-fixups.h) which modifies the way the standard DICE environment works. Please only use this header if there is no other way to get things working, ideally we should be adding support directly into the dice headers now.

I’ve only tested this on i386 so far, I’ve also only tried a desktop install and not the smaller ‘base-only’ install which we will use for servers.

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