I’ve made a start on filing bugs for work that needs doing on various components for SL7. So far I’ve just done a simple search for references to scripts in /etc/init.d or /etc/rc.d/init.d. These all need updating to use the service command which works fine with upstart in SL6 and systemd in SL7.

We also spotted that the grub component is probably going to need a complete rewrite for SL7 as it uses grub version 2. It has needed the schema reworking for a long time now to simplify the resources anyway.

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2 Responses to Bugs

  1. Kenny MacDonald says:

    It would be good to have some consistency over how components call service before we all go our different ways.

  2. squinney says:

    It definitely needs some thought. I’ve already had to modify the openafs component to use the service command. At the very least I think it’s worth adding some information to the sysinfo component.

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