Monthly Archives: November 2014

Display managers and the “burning issues” page

In keeping with LCFG tradition we’ve added an SL7 Burning Issues page to keep track of local issues which you might want to be aware of. The first and so far only entry is on display managers. On SL6 we … Continue reading

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Developers FAQ

We have begun maintaining an FAQ page for LCFG SL7 development. If you have any questions that you would like adding to the list (whether or not you know the answer), please let us know.

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Network device naming

Last week a couple of my colleagues installed SL7 onto desktop machines so that they could begin testing. They immediately stumbled across a problem with the naming of network devices which we had not seen before. Instead of being named … Continue reading

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polkit support

Recently I have been working on creating an LCFG component which can configure polkit ACLs. In EL7 polkit is used by quite a few applications to do authorisation checks which were previously done with PAM (for instance: halt, poweroff and … Continue reading

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