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Systemd and buffered output

Kenny MacDonald submitted LCFG bug #799 reporting that the output of updaterpms appeared to be buffered at boot time. He is correct, and this behaviour is particularly noticeable when installing a large-ish number of substantial RPMs – it is not … Continue reading

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Which display manager? A decision… for now

An earlier post described the dilemma facing us with respect to the choice of display manager for EL7. Well, the decision has been made much easier by the existence of a bug in GDM described at and Under … Continue reading

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The LCFG sleep component has now been adapted for EL7 platforms. Here’s a summary of the main changes. The ever-growing init software systemd has its own sleep capabilities, replacing those of pm-utils. While pm-utils is still available in EL7, its … Continue reading

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Which display manager to use for EL7?

We chose to use KDM, rather than GDM, for Scientific Linux 6 because it allowed us to tweak the behaviour of the login screen in a number of ways : Change background image (used, for example, to distinguish between exam … Continue reading

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