I had an excellent visit to North Queensferry Primary school in Fife for their careers day yesterday. I was delighted to be able to show them how we use technology – eye tracking and facial expression analysis – in our research. I brought along some fun games for them to try out – some face morphing software (https://facerig.com/), and a brilliant app which enables the use of gaze input, using the Eyetribe (http://www.gazeplay.net/). Gazeplay helped the children to understand more about the issues surrounding accessibility, and how people might use their eyes to play games if they don’t have access to the traditional input methods. We also did some perception experiments (finding their blind spot, depth perception with 2 eyes vs 1).

The kids enjoyed their morning, and I hope understand a bit more about research and the technology we use to answer questions.  Of course, by the time they start their careers, the landscape will be completely different, and they’ll be doing jobs that haven’t yet been invented!



School visit

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