January 31, 2008

Following on from a conversation in the COs chatroom the other day, the cpanspec package is now available for FC6 machines. If you run updaterpms on a “develop” DICE machine it will get installed along with the various dependencies. This is a recent version (1.73-1) from F8 so should be up to date with the relevant standards. I’ll look into building the necessary packages for SL5 as well.

Update: The same version of cpanspec and all the dependencies are now available for sl5 as well.


January 30, 2008

Yesterday I visited Durham University to give a talk on System Configuration and LCFG to the Computing Society. This is not quite as random as it might seem, I was an undergraduate at Durham and in all spent 7 years living in the city. Whilst I was an undergraduate I helped create the society in 1998, it’s great to see it still going 10 years on. It was good to see that the audience included quite a few staff from the central IT service, hopefully I wasn’t too disparaging about cfengine to put them off giving LCFG a try. One thing which attracted quite a bit of interest was the existence of the vmplayer image which we developed for the LCFG tutorial.


January 24, 2008

I’ve been wanting to play with Moose – “A postmodern object system for Perl 5” – for a while. I’ve grabbed and/or built fairly recent versions and created an ed-level header for perl Moose packages ed/options/moose.h, it supports FC6 and SL5 (only i386 at the moment).

A couple of good introductory articles on Moose are:

Hello world!

January 24, 2008

It appears that I have a blog.