First release

As part of the buildtools project I’ve now tested and documented LCFG::Build::PkgSpec, here is the RPM and the SRPM. If you want to have a play you will need some extra packages installed on your machine. On DICE FC6 you can use ed/options/moose.h to pull in most of the stuff. You will then need to add these as well:

!profile.packages     mEXTRA(perl-Data-Structure-Util-0.12-2.fc6\

At this point the main two useful things to look at are the scripts lcfg-cfg2meta and lcfg-pkgcfg. If you are interested in how to use Moose take a look at LCFG/Build/, hopefully it is fairly clear and not too scary!

One cool thing I have just discovered is that because the lcfg.yml is similar to the META.yml used for Perl modules on CPAN, you can do this to generate a basic LCFG metadata file:

perl -MLCFG::Build::PkgSpec -e '$spec = LCFG::Build::PkgSpec->new_from_metafile("META.yml"); $spec->save_metafile("./lcfg.yml")'

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