More parsing

After lots of hacking last night I now have a working grammar that generates a useful data structure representing an LCFG schema. For details see the links from yesterday, they point to the latest versions of the script, grammar and output. As well as the work done by the grammar the conversion script modifies the structure in various ways. It lifts tag resources into their taglists so that we can have a proper OO view and it tidies the tree to remove inherited resources which have not been mutated.

I still have some problems, mostly these are related to the odd way in which taglists work with regards to tags and how they can be generated using placeholders. Note the ng_logrotate_truncate resource in the top-level of the parser output. It is actually a specific attribute of the ng_logrotate taglist. It has not been lifted to the right-level so I will need to add some magic to spot these specific entries and move them accordingly.

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