I’ve now started work on getting the koji service running on telford. There is a huge amount of information to get my head around so that I can actually understand the architecture and how it is all intended to slot together. The main references are a couple of wiki pages:

In some parts they go into great detail but in other places there is a complete lack of information so this is going to take a while… I’ve put together a few headers to get things working:

  • lcfg/options/git.h – For some reason koji needs the whole suite of git tools so I thought it best to put these into a separate header to aid reuse.
  • lcfg/options/mock.h – This adds the necessary mock packages and the mock LCFG component. It doesn’t set up any chroots by default, you need to do that yourself.
  • dice/options/koji.h – This is a start at configuring the koji system. I am currently working on the “put it all on one machine” principle, if necessary the parts can be split out later to cope with having a set of build servers. Currently this gets a PostgreSQL DB server running and apache setup with mod_python.

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