Build Tools Notes

July 25, 2008

Finally the build tools project is getting to the stage where it can actually be used to manage the release process of real components and packages. Quite a few have been converted to get a feel for how everything hangs together, these include the authorize, auth, boot, client, file, inventory, logserver, ngeneric, om and sysinfo components. Using the experience of converting those packages I’ve put together the beginnings of some notes on how it should be done:

This page is still very much a work-in-progress but it is a good start covering the simplest cases.

Note: In due course there will be a page listing all the LCFG CMake macros/functions and explaining what they do so don’t worry that this page only covers a few of them.

I’ve also documented the macros which are available for substitution in the source-code and specfile:

Any comments are very welcome.