Moving to the new build tools just got easier

I’ve been working on porting the MPU components to the new LCFG build tools. This is giving me a good idea of how successful the tools are at handling a wide variety of situations. So far everything seems to be going pretty well, I’ve certainly not hit any major stumbling blocks which would suggest the need for major changes.

As I’ve gone through I’ve taken the chance to replace any deprecated LCFG macro names with their modern equivalents. Essentially this is the list of aliases in the table in the "Package Information" section of the "Substitution Variables" page in the build tools documentation. Mainly they are deprecated because they might clash with standard CMake variable names. I started off doing this search-and-replace process by hand but I rapidly got rather bored with that approach. This is the sort of job at which Perl excels so I’ve now come up with a tool to do the job automatically.

The LCFG release tool checkmacros command now has a --fix_deprecated option to carry out this automatic replacement. It scans through all the files as usual finding all the instances of various macro usage and produces the report. After that point it can use the results to modify any files containing deprecated macros.

If you are feeling really brave you could also try out a new version of updaterpms which uses the lcfgutils shared library, you will need:

!profile.packages  mEXTRA(+updaterpms-3.1.5-1)

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