LCFG Server updates

It’s been a while since I touched the stable release of the LCFG server code but we’ve accumulated a few bug reports that need some attention so I’ve taken the chance to deal with them. In particular, "Allow dumpdeps to be run by non-root" is fixed and "servername resource not reliable" is partially fixed. I’ve also taken the chance to backport a patch from the development tree which improves the release name handling, previously if a source profile did not have a release specified then it would be set to "default" but that value did not make it into the XML profile. This didn’t seem to cause any major problems but it resulted in odd resource values as any resource mapping (e.g. <%profile.release%>) did not get the required value embedded. The test suite also needed a bit of attention as it turned out that the profile.def schema being used for the tests hadn’t been updated since before the profile.release resource was added. If all goes well with the testing there will be a new release – 2.2.55 – out fairly soon. As well as the old test suite being used this will be the first stable release which also has to pass the XML profile comparison tests from the new development tree.

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