openafs on F12

Moving straight on from getting kerberized logins working it’s time to get openafs running. The packages for F12 are all pre-compiled and the official repository supports yum so that’s the easiest approach. Here is the yum repository config file (openafs.repo) for 1.4.11:

name=Openafs 1.4.11 for F12

Once that is in /etc/yum.repos.d, it is possible to do:

yum install openafs-authlibs openafs-client openafs-server openafs-krb5 openafs-docs

It is also necessary to grab a kmod-openafs package, for some reason I have experienced problems with the automatic support for this on F12 so it’s best to grab the correct version of the RPM for the running kernel from the openafs website and install it manually.

Once that is done:

echo > /usr/vice/etc/ThisCell
/etc/init.d/openafs-client start

it might be necessary to also edit /etc/sysconfig/openafs. I made it contain:

AFSD_ARGS="-dynroot -afsdb -fakestat -daemons 5 -volumes 200 -chunksize 20  -nosettime"

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