LCFG Client Refactor: splitting the project

I’ve recently been working on splitting the LCFG client code base from the LCFG component which is used to configure and manage the daemon. This allows the client Perl modules to be built in the style of a standard Perl module. The immediate benefit of this is the enhanced portability, it makes it much easier to build the code on platforms other than DICE Linux if you can use standard Perl module building tools. We could also upload the code to CPAN which would make it even easier to download and install.

There are also benefits for maintainability, the standard Perl build tools make it easy to run unit tests and do other tasks such as checking test and API documentation coverage for your code. It is not impossible to do these things without some tool like Module::Build but it is a lot more awkward. Also, without the standard tools you have to know, or be able to discover, where certain files should be installed, we have some of this built into the LCFG build tools CMake framework but it only handles fairly simple scenarios.

The new project which contains all the Perl modules for the client is named LCFG-Client-Perl in subversion and the component continues to be named lcfg-client in the standard LCFG component naming style. This completes stage 9 of the project plan.

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