LCFG Client Refactor: host name versus node name

May 23, 2013

A long-standing issue that we have had with the LCFG client is that it is not possible to use an LCFG profile with a name which does not match the host name. They have always been treated by rdxprof and the ngeneric framework as conceptually interchangeable. There is no particular reason for this limitation other than the traditional “it’s always been that way“, also we’ve never had a requirement important enough to get this implemented or the opportunity to quickly make the change. As the refactoring project is drawing to a close it seemed like a good time to break this conceptual connection and rework the code to always use the LCFG node name. For the moment the actual behaviour won’t change, since the node name defaults to the host name as before, but we now have a mechanism to allow it to be altered. When the client enters daemon mode it now stashes the name of the LCFG node being used. Since you can only run one client daemon at a time this makes reasonable sense. The standalone one-shot behaviour remains unaltered, you can still access any profile you like.