LCFG::Component environment plugins

Version 1.13.0 the Perl version of the ngeneric framework (LCFG::Component) provides an all-new environment initialisation system for component methods. This has support for plugins which mean it is fully extensible.

There is a new InitializeEnvironment method which is called for most standard methods which are accessible via om (including configure, start, restart, stop, run, and logrotate). The method can also be called from any additional methods you have added to your own components, the method needs access to the resources so it must be called after a call to LoadProfile or LoadStatus.

There are currently two plugins – a very simple one which can be used to set values for environment variables before the method is called and a more complex one that can do the equivalent of kinit and aklog to acquire Kerberos credentials and AFS tokens.

For full details see the LCFG wiki.

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