Remote Desktop Project

This week I’ve been preparing the new staff XRDP service for user testing. It now has a quovadis SSL certificate and I’ve been attempting to resolve an issue with some clients presenting a warning dialogue about not trusting the certificate. According to this bug report it is necessary to include the whole trust chain in the certificate file. I’ve tried appending the contents of the .chain file without success, it’s not clear if I am missing a part of the chain, I’ll continue investigating but if we can’t easily resolve the issue we could just document what users should expect to see.

As Chris had access to a Windows machine he has managed to generate a .bmp image file for the login screen logo which actually displays correctly. I have no idea why the various Linux applications generated bad images but I’m not going to worry too much. This gives us a much more official-looking Informatics login screen which should reassure users. The image has been packaged up in an xrdp-logo-inf RPM.

I’ve also been investigating rate-limiting new connections using iptables. The standard dice iptables configuration is rather complicated so I need to speak to George about the best way to go about this.

To ensure the xrdp service only gets started once the machine is ready to handle connections I’ve modified the systemd config so that it waits for the LCFG stable target to be reached.

I’ve noticed that all the xrdp logs are being sent to the serial console. Even with just a single user that’s flooding our console logs so I’d like to get that stopped. It’s already going to local file and syslog so no more logging is really required. SEE don’t see the same problem so I wonder if it’s related to our Informatics syslog configuration.

The user documentation is now close to being complete, we even have some information on how to access the XRDP service from Android devices.

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