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September 19, 2008

Additional apacheconf features

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I’ve just added lcfg/options/apacheconf-proxy.h (and the corresponding dice/options/apacheconf-proxy.h) to add the relevant Apache modules to provide HTTP proxying. This joins the existing LCFG level apacheconf feature headers:

  • apacheconf-perl.h – adds support for mod_perl
  • apacheconf-php5.h – adds the PHP5 interpretter
  • apacheconf-python.h – adds support for mod_python
  • apacheconf-rewrite.h – adds mod_rewrite
  • apacheconf-ssl.h – adds SSL support
  • apacheconf-suxec.h – adds suexec support

There are also the following DICE only features, which contain local binaries and configuration

  • apacheconf-cosign.h
  • apacheconf-krb5.h
  • apacheconf-ldapauthz.h

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