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February 16, 2010

Git tip of the day #1

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This is the first of an occasional series of helpful hints and tips for the git revision control system – look for articles tagged with ‘git’

Cleaning your local commits

Many of the projects I submit to are picky about both trailing, and embedded, whitespace. git show and git diff will let you see these and if you are pulling in a patchset from elsewhere, git apply --whitespace=fix will tidy them up for you. But, I’d always thought that doing it in your own tree was harder. However …

git rebase -f --whitespace=fix origin/master

… will rebase your current working tree (assuming that the branch point was origin/master), and also clean up any embeded whitespace problems along the way. Obviously this has all of the caveats that rebasing carries – you don’t want to do it on a tree that others are working from. But as a way of cleaning up local changes before pushing them into gerrit, it’s remarkably useful.

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