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April 26, 2009

Mocking Fedora 11

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All of the OpenAFS Fedora/RHEL package builds are done from a machine running Scientific Linux 5. This is Informatics’s managed Linux platform, and using it for the build machine means that it is administered and updated along with the rest of our services, leaving me with more time to do other things. We use the ‘mock’ command to perform builds for all of our x86_64 and i386 architectures – mock uses yum and rpm to construct a chroot for each build architecture, and then runs the build within that chroot. Unfortunately, this is where the fly in the ointment occurs.

RPM has been pretty stable for years, allowing this cross platform building to occur. With Fedora 11, however, a new version of rpm has been shipped. This contains support for longer file digests, and packages from Fedora 11 cannot be installed by older versions of rpm. Unfortunately, this means that we can’t mock Fedora 11 from a normal SL5/EL5 build host. Fortunately, solutions are available. 

A version of RPM 4.6 with support for the extended hashes, and which builds on EL5, is available from This does change the RPM soname, and will require that packages with dependencies on rpm be rebuilt, and (in some cases) modified to support the newer API.

In addition to the change in RPM hashes, yum itself also needs to be modified to support Fedora 11. The pyhashlib package is needed to give yum support for other hash formats, and a newer version of yum is required to use them.

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