Decomissioning Condor

With the DICE SL6 upgrade we will be formally decommissioning the schools two Condor pools over this summer.

Condor is a system for stealing unused cpu cycles from distributed commodity computers for use as a High Throughput Computing platform. For some years we have been running condor on all the lab machines and a number of staff desktops to make best use of computers which were powered on but not being used. We did not install Condor on the new F13 hosts because we knew that we would be moving to SL6 fairly quickly afterwards and it would make more sense to upgrade the whole Condor installation. In the meantime, with improvements in support for sleeping/hibernating desktops, we can now sleep machines which are left unused for relatively short periods of time. As a consequence of their being much fewer “wasted” cpu cyclesand with the availability of dedicated HPC services (ECDF) we have decided not t port condor to sl6 and the pools will die as we shift people off sl5.

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